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Basic conditions: "Identify with BBMG culture, be loyal to BBMG products, have experience in direct sales or engineering sales of building materials products, and be able to take BBMG coatings as our common development goal and grow together. At the same time, the following abilities are required:

1. Development ability: Franchisees must have lasting perseverance; they should adhere to the concept of long-term development, take a long-term perspective, make long-term investments, seek long-term profits, have the courage to invest, and firmly believe that there will be rich returns in the future.

2. Team awareness: Franchisees must have a corporate business model. Branches can only be flourishing, and team strength can lead to competitiveness. On the basis of establishing and improving corporatization and standardized management, the team will continue to grow.

3. Financial strength: Franchisees must have strong economic strength. In any industry or enterprise, it is a long-term and arduous project to try to build a dominant brand, which requires the partners to have a certain strength to be competent for the long-term prosperity of the BBMG brand in the local market.

4. Operational ability: The franchisee must have the ability to understand the brand, the ability to expand the market and the ability to serve the whole process. At the same time, they must have the ability to resist risks, the ability to innovate to challenge targets, and the ability to absorb new thinking and new concepts.

5. Unique brand: Franchisees must focus on BBMG brand promotion. "One tree is difficult to grow two flowers", we emphasize that dealers have a single brand management strategy, gather all their own energy, material resources, financial resources and manpower, and regard BBMG Coatings as the most important "main business".

6. Service ability: Franchisees should have certain professional knowledge of coatings, strong pre-sales and after-sales service capabilities for the products they represent, or can quickly meet the above requirements through company training, so as to achieve fast service to end customers.

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