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Sail 2022, Seminar of BBMG Coatings Company

release time: 2022-01-07

On Friday, December 31, 2021, the last weekend, the end of the last month, and the last day of the year in 2021, most people are preparing to pack up their mood for the year and go home to celebrate the new year. In the R&D hall of the BBMG paint factory base, the atmosphere is in full swing, and the company's middle-level and above leaders are actively discussing, planning the 2022 goals and implementation measures, and drawing a more long-term corporate development strategy in the future.1642469125985051968.png

Comrade Ji Ping, the company's manager, took the lead in speaking at the meeting. She gave a comprehensive exposition of the company's business goals and implementation measures in 2022 with the title of "Strengthening Internal Control and Taking Active Responsibilities as a Struggling to Complete All Targets and Tasks in 2022", opening up ideas for everyone's speeches. Set the tone.

The leaders of various departments and units made speeches on how to carry out their work according to the report of Manager Ji Ping. Some new formulations and new elaborations on key tasks have opened up a new understanding of the work in the new year.


"Seeking progress while maintaining stability, innovation and efficiency enhancement" is the goal put forward by the Group for the new green building materials manufacturing industry. Everyone proposed that progress is not only about simple data growth, but also new breakthroughs. Facing the fierce competition in the coatings industry, Our simple growth in small steps will face multiple squeezes from other large paint companies in terms of raw material procurement and market share. Only breakthroughs can we make progress; as a paint enterprise that takes technology as its rice bowl, innovation is our eternal theme. How to quickly transform innovative achievements into market applications is the common goal of sales and technology. The strategy of "integration of technology, research and sales" is mentioned in the discussion content again. Implementation is the theme of sales growth and technological innovation, while meeting customer needs. To be able to "increase efficiency". All of this is inseparable from the guarantee of institutional processes, safety and environmental protection, and talent accumulation. Everyone has discussed the realization of this goal from different angles.

"Three zeros" is the new concept goal proposed by Deputy Manager Jiang Changwu for safety and environmental protection. "Starting from zero, ending with zero, and no breakthrough from zero" makes our understanding of the requirements of safety and environmental protection more intuitive; Manager Peng Hongjun is studying the new requirements for production, equipment, and procurement logistics under the situation of party and state events and happy events in 2022. Too many events and happy events mean that our production and logistics are more restricted. How to judge the current situation, Taking flexible measures to protect materials and production, so as to highlight "full strength", is a new topic for ensuring supply; combined with "office culture", the Disciplinary Committee performs the functions of "supervision, assurance, implementation, promotion, improvement, and development". Fan Qinghai, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, said How to systematically prevent and resolve business risks between "want to do things, be able to do things, do things well" and "do nothing" and how to systematically prevent and resolve business risks has been systematically explained, so that everyone can work with confidence, determination and confidence, and make party building work high Quality development provides a stronger guarantee.

In response to everyone's discussion speeches, Qiu Feng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Director, made detailed arrangements for 15 specific tasks, and put forward the requirements of how to achieve "one point deployment and nine points implementation", that is, there are plans, measures, There is a responsible person, a time limit for completion, and an assessment and inspection to ensure the implementation of various tasks.


In the end, Qiu Feng delivered a speech from 10 aspects. He pointed out that in order to further improve the management and control capabilities, the company has optimized the organizational structure, strengthened the division of responsibilities and coordination among departments, and ensured the efficiency of management and control; dig deep into the market and broaden the channels. , strengthen the brand building of BBMG, realize "strategy-driven, distribution landing", "product leading, technology first", and expand the training of "trade-oriented dealers"; unified "dispatch production, procurement, logistics, quality management", in 2022 Under the severe situation in 2018, we will improve product quality and ensure on-time supply; increase investment in research and development, continue to build technology platforms, and further improve core competitiveness; improve and perfect performance evaluation system, hierarchical and classified evaluation, and further mobilize cadres and employees through performance evaluation. Enthusiasm; the construction of the ongoing projects should be completed according to the planned high standards, and at the same time, the implementation of new projects should be accelerated, so that the target plan can be turned into practical action; Financial integration”; safety and environmental protection must take the “three zeros” as the goal, refine the construction of the system and strengthen the implementation of the responsibility system; cadre management should take the “three orientations” as the goal, strengthen the performance of duties, and establish an incentive assessment system. Cultivate a team of high-quality party members and cadres for the company; adhere to the comprehensive and strict governance of the party, organically integrate the party's leadership into all aspects of corporate governance, establish the "three ones" party building goals, and lead the high-quality development of the enterprise with high-quality party building work .

The new team weaves new management concepts, the new organizational structure strengthens the realization of goals, and the new staffing collides with new ideas.

Passion burns the years, pride shakes the universe, set sail in 2022, we are ready!

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