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BBMG paints online training for chief engineer to teach products in 2022

release time: 2022-03-21

On March 11, BBMG Coatings launched the 2022 online training activity of "General Engineers Talking About Products". This is also the spring large-scale dealer training activity that BBMG Coatings has carried out for the third consecutive year during the epidemic, aiming to help dealers provide knowledge Reserve and business development direction, make adequate preparations for the next peak sales season. The training attracted about 200 dealers to participate. The dealers focus on their own ability growth and development. BBMG also provides customers with more timely and professional services.


During the training, sales director Hou Lei first analyzed the paint market situation in 2022, and made a speech on the company's sales structure adjustment this year, as well as measures to deal with market fluctuations, and encouraged distributors and enterprises to work together to overcome the difficulties and jointly seek development. Peng Hongjun, deputy general manager of the company, Li Yan, manager of the deputy chief technical center, Jin Shaobo, technical director of industrial paint, and Yu Shengyang, technical director of floor paint, respectively discussed the characteristics of architectural decorative coatings, fire-retardant coatings, industrial paints, and floor paints. Features of new products , Application and acceptance criteria, especially the precautions and lessons learned in product application are explained in an all-round way.

In 2022, BBMG has established a marketing strategy of "strengthening brands, building channels, and developing distribution". We will continue to adhere to the dealer protection mechanism, and the marketing and technical departments will continue to take advantage of the integration of technology, research, and sales to optimize distribution. Provide business services, integrate the advantages of the company's team to provide "penetrating services" to high-quality dealers, and encourage dealers to sell products of the whole system.

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