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For metallurgy, aviation, electric power and other high-temperature equipment, anti-corrosion such as steel mill blast furnace, hot blast stove outer wall, high temperature chimney, flue, high temperature hot gas pipeline, heating furnace, heat exchanger, etc.


This product is a one-component coating composed of silicone resin and heat-resistant pigment. Good adhesion, good heat resistance, temperature resistance up to 300 ℃ -600 ℃.


Color: silver

Standard film thickness: dry film: 30 microns wet film: 75 microns

Theoretical coating rate: 8.3m2/kg, (based on 30 micron dry film)

Actual Coverage: Consider Appropriate Loss Factors

Flash point: 27±2℃


Surface treatment:

All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from contamination. Before painting, all surfaces should be judged and treated according to ISO 8504:1992.
If grease is present, it should be cleaned with solvent according to SSPC-SP1.
The steel surface is sprayed to Sa2.5 (ISO8501-1:1988), and the roughness reaches 30-70μm. If oxidation occurs on the steel surface after spraying and prior to application of the paint, the surface should be re-blasted to the specified visual standard. Manual rust removal method can also be used, reaching the Swedish rust removal standard St3 level, with a roughness of 30-70μm.

Thinner: BBMG 9# Thinner

Construction method: high pressure airless spray, air spray (with pressure tank) brush/roller

Dilution ratio: 5-10% 10-15% 10-15%

Airless Spray: Nozzle Size: 0.46-0.58mm   

               Spray pressure: 15Mpa

Drying time (23°C): ≤1h hard work ≤24h

Recoating interval: (this product is repainted by itself)

(Wet film thickness 60μm, relative humidity 80%)





24 hours

16 hours

8 hours

The above data are for guidance only, the actual drying time / time interval before overcoating may be longer or shorter, depending on the film thickness, ventilation, humidity, underlying paint, early loading and unloading needs and mechanical strength, etc.

 Tool cleaning: After all tools are used up, clean them with BBMG 9# thinner.

Safety: Use this product with care. Please pay attention to the safety information on the packaging label before and during use. In addition, the safety regulations stipulated by the relevant national or local government should also be observed. Avoid breathing solvent vapors and avoid paint contact with skin and eyes. If paint gets on the skin, wash it off immediately with a suitable cleanser, soap and water. In case of splashing into eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water and seek medical attention immediately. Precautions must be taken against fire, explosion and environmental protection. This product should only be applied in well-ventilated conditions. For construction in narrow places or places with no air circulation, strong ventilation must be provided.


Ø This product can only be applied in the occasions above 5 ℃ and the construction and curing can be carried out normally. The maximum relative humidity during curing is 80%, preferably 40-60%. The surface to be applied must be dry, clean and at a temperature above the dew point to avoid condensation. Adequate ventilation should be provided during construction and drying in confined spaces. In order to prevent moisture from condensing, the surface temperature of the substrate should be more than 3°C higher than the dew point, and construction should be avoided in rainy, snowy and foggy weather.

Ø The mixed paint should be used up within the allowable time. If it exceeds the allowable time, it will cause gelation and cannot be used, so take an appropriate amount and mix it. As the temperature increases, the usable time will be shortened.

Ø Before applying the next coating, ensure that the coating must be fully cured.

Ø Drying time is affected by changes in temperature, humidity and film thickness.

Ø The recoating interval is related to the environment. If the maximum recoating interval is exceeded, the surface must be roughened to ensure the adhesion between layers.

Ø The paint should be stored in a low temperature, ventilated and dry indoor warehouse, away from heat sources and avoid direct sunlight.

Ø Construction workers should wear protective gear according to regulations, fire-fighting equipment should be provided at the construction site and storage area, and open flames and smoking are strictly prohibited to avoid fires.

Ø This product is only suitable for professional use.




Unopened shelf life is twelve months in a cool, dry place. (25℃)


The information provided in this product manual is solely based on our knowledge obtained in the laboratory and in practice, the statements in the manual are only suggestions, and since the use of the product is usually outside our control, we only give the product itself Quality assurance. We reserve the right to modify this manual without prior notice.

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